Teachers Program


The International Master Course for Teachers is led by Master Teachers Stanislav Ioudenitch and William Grant Naboré. This unique program is designed for teachers who wish to expand their piano pedagogy skills. Our Master Teachers are here to work with through a 1-on-1 unique learning experience that will help develop your teaching method.

Important: For this program, you will need to bring your own students.

Key Information

Placement for this program is very limited.

A personalized 3-step course which includes:

  • 1st day: Lectures and Q&A session with Master Teachers Stanislav Ioudenitch and William Grant Naboré
  • 2nd day: Masterclass with your own student, given by one of our Master Teachers
  • 3rd day: Joint private class with you and your student. During this class, you will be teaching your own student under the guidance of a Master Teacher